textile transformations

tintea: textile transformations

tintea is a third-party dyehouse and finishing company specialized in dyeing and finishing natural, artificial, and synthetic fibers.

Founded in 1974, it is a modern company whose success stems from a positive relationship with customers, suppliers, and collaborators.

Over the years, the facilities have undergone constant and careful upgrades aimed at achieving greater production flexibility connected to a targeted control of quality and service.

These upgrades have proven essential to adapt to market needs, allowing the company to meet customer demands driven by the continuous and innovative trends in fashion.


Operation carried out continuously or discontinuously.




Structured to provide color tests as requested with instrumental receipt. Equipped to carry out the main chemical-physical checks.

Dyeing department

The section is organized into groups of machines with various dyeing concepts and variable capacities for discontinuous dyeing in both wide and rope formats


In addition to the classic operations of smoothing and heat setting, the company is able to enhance with multiple treatments

Finished Control


Inspection and reporting of defects with the ability to map each individual piece before proceeding to cutting.



Sustainability & Ethical Code